Kids Martial Arts

You Will See a Sense of Accomplishment and an Improvement In Your Child’s Attention Span and Coordination…Guaranteed!

Our Program Is Designed To Build On Those Lifelong Skills That Will Ensure Your Child’s Success!

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Our instructors are parents themselves and are dedicated to the development of our youth. They look forward to providing the follow benefits:

  • Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Goal Setting – Achieving that next Stripe/Belt
  • Improved Manners and Attention Span
  • Improved Fitness and Motor Development Skills
  • Help with Better Grades
  • Learn Self Defense

Age Groups and Ranks

Our Kid’s Martial Arts Program is split into two age groups:

  • 4-5 Year Olds
  • 6-14 Year Olds

There are numerous gyms out there that guarantee a “black belt” Call us old school, but we believe that a belt still needs to be earned not bought!


Disciplines change from gym to gym.Ensure to check your gym’s schedule. Each location has a little different to offer in kids martial arts such as:

  • BJJ
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • Kickboxing
  • Pankration

Check out what people are saying about our classes! 

“As she has become more confident in her abilities, she has come out of her shell more.

Elizabeth really enjoys going to the NG Kids Martial Arts Class. I’ve noticed that her coordination is much improved from when she started. I like that the classes teach her essentials such as working together with others and waiting her turn. As she has become more confident in her abilities, she has come out of her shell more. She is more eager to volunteer answers or to demonstrate moves. She shows a sense of accomplishment at the end of each class. The classes have had a positive influence on her and I’m glad that we signed her up.

Yen Chang

Elizabeth's Mom

As he progressed and earned stripes on his belt you could see the pride swell in him.

When I accompanied Sawyer to his first kids class, I didn’t know what to expect. He was unsure of himself and didn’t want to do any of the drills with the other kids or with the instructor. He only wanted me to help him. However after the class was finished and we were on our way home, he told me how excited he was to be doing Martial Arts and couldn’t wait for the next week’s classes.

After the last year, I have seen Sawyer’s self-confidence soar. He is also more sure of himself and not as shy anymore. As he progressed and earned stripes on his belt you could see the pride swell in him. The instructors at Neutral Ground truly understand each kid in their class and what motivates them. In my honest opinion, there is nothing else quite like this in Central Wisconsin.

Mike Fink

Sawyer's Dad

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