I haven’t exercised in a while (or ever) – is that OK?
Of course! Fitness is a prime motivator for many people, and a major purpose for joining. The first week will be tough, no doubt, but you can go at your own pace and take as many breaks as needed. You will be in great shape before you know it!

What if I’m too intimidated to come in?
There’s no need to be intimidated! The atmosphere at Neutral Ground is fun, helpful, and light-hearted. We always welcome new people and will help you every step of the way. All our members enjoy meeting new people, so stop in! You can always just watch a class and get a feel for the class and the gym.

How much are monthly classes?
Our membership rates vary depending on location and class. We recommend getting your FREE 7-Day Trial and trying out the classes that interest you. Then when you have a better idea of which classes you want to do, we can help you set up the best plan for you.

What should I wear to my first class?
We suggest wearing tight-fitting clothes for most of our classes. A rash guard top (such as Under-Armour) with fitted shorts (such as board/fight shorts) are the most common choices for our students, but anything baggy that could potential come off while training is discouraged. Mouth guard and cup are optional (but recommended), and we also encourage bringing a water bottle and workout towel.

Are your classes for men only?
Absolutely not! Although combat sports are currently male-dominated, we definitely have female members and encourage all women to participate. In addition to our current female members, both locations also have many males on the “smaller side” who match up great with women size-wise. No matter who you practice with – male or female – they will help you and walk you though practice because, after all, we are all here to learn!

I’m only available in the mornings – do you have classes then?
Yes! Both locations have morning and weekend classes. Additionally, students may train at both locations for morning classes, allowing for a 6 day a week morning schedule!

Do you offer family memberships?
Yes! Both locations offer family discounts. The discount depends on the location and classes of interest to the family members. Our suggestion is to use the FREE 7-Day Trial and try all the classes. Then once all family members know which classes they want to do , we will create a package.

Are your classes safe?
Yes! Although, just like any sport, injuries can happen. But safety is a primary concern at Neutral Ground and we take many measures to ensure the safety and comfort of all our members. Our instruction focuses on technique, proper execution of movements and close supervision by qualified teachers. We also pair new members with more experienced students in order to guide new members through unfamiliar situations and ensure a controlled environment.

Do you have a competition team?
Yes! We have one of the largest competition teams in the state! We are very active in all the sports we train and always impress the competition. Our competition team is voluntary – you are not required to compete, but many find it an enjoyable way to test yourself against others from around the region.